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A Company just designed for eCommerce fulfillment we are not just a platform, but a dedicated partner in your success journey. Experience the difference of a true collaboration, where your brand's growth is our shared goal. .

Our Work Flow

At Eastern, collaborating with your fulfillment partner has never been more straightforward. We prioritize operational optimization to ensure a seamless experience for your ecommerce store. Our approach revolves around a simple 3-step formula, eliminating confusion and stress from the equation, and allowing your business to thrive effortlessly.


Onboarding & Inventory Intake

Embark on your fulfillment journey with Eastern through strategic onboarding and efficient inventory intake, where our collaborative approach ensures a tailored solution for your unique business requirements.


Integration with Eastern Software

Seamless integrations with Eastern Fulfillment suite, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of data, order processing, and real-time updates for optimized fulfillment operations.


Pick, Pack, and Ship

Simplicity of flat-rate Pick, Pack, and Ship services with Eastern, ensuring cost predictability and hassle-free order fulfillment for your business.


Continuous Optimization

Experience direct customer support right from our warehouses – our on-the-ground support team is always ready to assist you promptly, cutting through the hassle of back-and-forth emails for swift issue resolution

Your Fulfillment Partner with No Hidden Fee.

No surprises, just straightforward pricing tailored for your peace of mind. We've simplified it into the three essential steps:


$25 / hour

The receiving process begins when your products arrive at our warehouse. Swiftly within 2-4 hours after unloading, our team inspects and securely stows away your products in the allocated storage area, ensuring a quick and efficient process.


$15 per SKU

Monthly storage is charged for each SKU individually, ensuring accurate pick and pack operations by our warehouse team as each product is stored separately for precision and efficiency.


Starts at $4.36

Eastern simplifies shipping with flat-rate options up to 10lbs, eliminating the complexities of zone-wise shipping. Whether domestic or international, we ship to all 195 countries for your global reach without the hassle

Included in our
Fulfillment Partnership.

Cloud-Based Fulfillment Suite

Direct customer support from our warehouses

Same-Day Pick Pack Ship

(for orders in by 12:30PM)

Free Unlimited Integrations

Easy to use dashboard

Predictive Billing

Standard Packaging Supplies Included Free

2-4-hour Receiving Times

Unlimited free Picks on orders

Why Eastern Is Trusted

Choose Eastern Fulfillment for your e-commerce brand to unlock seamless operations, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to your brand's success. Experience reliability, efficiency, and a tailored approach that sets us apart in the fulfillment landscape.



Get started quickly with our Eastern Fulfillment suite – Integrate your selling channel in just 5 minutes. Experience the ease of automated order processing, ensuring swift and seamless shipments for every order.



Reach your retail or business customers with remarkable speed – our daily capacity of handling 6000+ orders ensures delivery in just 1-3 business days avoiding slow and delayed shipping services.



Enjoy stress-free shipping with Eastern – flat-rate costs for packages up to 15lbs anywhere in the USA, eliminating complex billing worries. Choose from multiple delivery settings tailored to your budget.


Order and Inventory Management

Access your inventory from your desk or vacation home on our cloud-based software. Monitor your sales and inventory as if your products are right there in your living room.

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