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How it Works

Experience the difference with Eastern, your avant-garde 3PL partner, redefining fulfillment with simplicity and efficiency. We prioritize transparency, eradicating cost uncertainties, ensuring you stay in control. Count on our dedicated customer support and fixed-rate delivery charges for a smooth journey. Elevate your logistics game with Eastern – where precision meets reliability, and success follows suit.
Your Fulfillment is managed through a streamlined three-step process.


Our Software

Eastern offers complimentary access to our robust 3PL software specifically designed for eCommerce, striking the perfect balance between simplicity for newcomers and advanced functionality for seasoned users. Our software ensures a seamless Ecommerce Fulfillment management experience through automation, encompassing critical features such as data flow, order processing, status tracking, real-time inventory updates, inbound processes to our warehouses, billing, and robust integration with various marketplaces. Elevate your eCommerce operations effortlessly with Eastern's powerful software suite.

Gain instant insights into your eCommerce enterprise with just a glance. Consolidate all critical store data effortlessly in one comprehensive overview


  • Complete Account Snapshot
  • Sales Trend Analysis
  • Multichannel Omni Inventory Management

operating around the clock, we ensure real-time processing of all your orders. The Eastern Fulfillment Suite empowers you to experience robust order processing with real-time shipping data, providing unparalleled efficiency and accuracy for your business


  • Same-day Order
  • Processing Real-time Shipment Reporting
  • Flat Rate Shipping

From inbound to outbound, we track every movement of your inventory. We understand that managing inventory across multiple selling channels can be frustrating, our Eastern Fulfillment Suite ensures comprehensive control and visibility throughout the entire process.


  • Real-time Inventory Updates
  • Effortlessly manage, organize, and track
  • Optimize Utilization

Ship us your Inventory Air, Sea or Truck full of goods and watch as our dedicated team processes all inbound shipments in lightning-fast time—less than 12 hours to be precise. Imagine receiving your products and having them ready for shipment on the very same day.


  • Same-day turnaround
  • Static storage slotting
  • Shipments ready for the shelf

Keeping up with inventory restrictions from Amazon can be tedious. Whether it's an FBA prep or replenishment request, we will take care of it within 1 business day. Simply upload your labels to our software and we will take it from there.


  • Same Day Forwarding.
  • FBA Prep 2 Day Turnaround.
  • Custom Work Orders for Bundles and more.

Elevate your B2B fulfillment experience with Eastern. Our comprehensive solutions ensure seamless and efficient handling of your business-to-business operations, empowering you with reliability and precision at every step


  • Wholesale order fulfillment
  • Retail Dropshipping
  • 6000 orders per day Capacity
  • Kitting and special requests LTL, TL, Grounds services

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Experience a customer support revolution at Eastern! Our round-the-clock support and sales teams are ready to tackle any issue, anytime, no matter the time zone. Schedule a call today and unlock the power of Eastern in overcoming your fulfillment challenges. Let us redefine excellence in support, making your success our priority.

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